Why the automatic pool cleaning?

Why the automatic pool cleaning?

Pool cleaning can be a very tedious affair if not done using the right implements and tool. The automatic pool cleaners therefore provide an alternative to the tiring process of pool cleaning which sometimes involves a lot of contact with water through the manual process. These machines are fitted with parts that brushes, filters and vacuums the pool within a very short period giving the pool owner the comfort of enjoying the pool without worrying of the cleanliness.

Cleans all types of pool

The automatic pool cleaners are also known to be able to clean any type and shape of pool, they can move to any corner of the pool giving an even looking pool. The convenience they provide and their easy to use nature puts them above the other artificial pool cleaning services. Automatic pool cleaning equipments are also known to reduce the use of chemical sanitizers in the pool and so are a good alternative to the chlorine sanitizers. This is mostly because they are able to catch and remove leaves and debris from the pool making it ready for use at all times. Their scanning systems are elaborate to ensure optimized coverage.

Energy savers and environmentally friendly

Automatic pool cleaners having been developed with the energy factor in mind are said to be able to do a lot of work with very little energy consumption. This is in turn effective in saving the cost of power. In the same regard, they are considered to be eco friendly products as they reduce the use of so many hazardous chemicals.

Unique features

The features of most of the automatic pool cleaners are unique, for instance their cabling system is prevented from twisting by use of a swivel. They are also fitted with a digital switch mode power supply and can be set to automatically clean the pool weekly. The automatic pool cleaners are also fitted with a cycle selector which helps in fast and regular cleaning modes and lastly the cleaners come with an operational remote control which helps in setting its working parameters, operation delays and cleaning program. The most advantageous part is that these machines have the option of either a manual or automatic navigations.

Forms and significance of birthstones

Forms and significance of birthstones

Stones can be a precious commodity depending on the value they have be accorded in modern society. Precious stones range from minerals, rocks to gemstones. However, it is important to note that not all stones bear high value.  The dawn of birthstones could not have taken many by surprise, however, as time progresses, many people are increasingly gaining acceptance of birthstones as valuable assets in as far as predicaments in life is concerned.Signs of the zodiac star have been closely linked with that first recoding on gems. Today, birthstones have increasingly gained significance in the face of changing times.

Varying cultures have different lists of birthstones and the variations are inconsistent from culture to culture. Jewels are worthwhile owning and the value which has been attached to birthstones overtime is indisputably great.


Well, basically defined, minerals are inorganic substances found beneath the surface of the earth and whose atomic structure denotes a regular arrangement with regard to pattern. Birthstones in this regard could be informed of minerals depending on each and the month such a birthstone represents. Further, birthstones could be crystalline mineral and ostensibly, minerals are known to be precious metals which often fetch high prices in the world market. All in all, the fact that a birthstone could come in handy as mineral is informative enough of the great value and significance they could bear.


Rocks are a compositionof minerals which could come in form of sandstones, clay and limestone as a single composition. In this regard, birthstones which exist as rocks bear valuable significance perhaps greater than those which exist singly as minerals. Other rocks are as important, but not necessarily a monthly birthstone on the zodiac chart. It is not an exaggeration if we claim that Mother Nature’s wonders will never lose their value, no matter what! Furthermore I guess it is pointless to mention that, sometimes we are not even aware what values do caves, and the groundhide for us under our feet. 


Gemstones are highly valued precious metals. Basically, gens fetch higher prices than minerals or rocks and are rare to come by compared to the afore-mentioned.Gemstones are more vivid in terms of luster and have a beautiful outlook with regard to color. Birthstones which exist as gemstones therefore bear invaluable significance and so is the month such birthstones represent highly revered.



The mariner swimming pools-immagination at best

The mariner swimming pools-immagination at best

Anobleidea among peers can sometimes lead to somwe of the mosrt revered innovations,this is the case of the mariner swimming pool cleaners from Germany whose inceprtiion and eventual innovation came as a result of the idea from the mariner club after certain Olimpic game events ansd eventually,they presented themselves in two big trade fairs with the most outstanding innovation of their time.

The mariners consit opsf several different types of swimming pools  well made with the needs of the pool user in mind and they can clean both the floor and the side walls.These brands include the mariner compact 400,the mariner compact 600.

The mariner 600  and the navigator models were  presented in the year 2006 as the most powerful swimming machine ever made with the capacity to effectively clean swimming pools.These machines are able to navigate on their own in the swimming pool.

Their most recently launched swimming pool cleaners are the 3rd generation swimming pool cleaners which have taken the global swimming pool cleaning business by storm due to their more sweeping width enabling them to be among the fastest swimming pool cleaners.

The mariner swimming pool cleaner company thus has a bag of experience in swimming pool making and sales with over 10,000 mariner’s models sold globally and an experience spanning over 65 years.With several subsidiary companies spaning the width of almost major European capitals,for instance the French subsidiary saw a tremendous growth with several branchse set up in 1997 in sereveral major French cities of paris ,Lyon ,Bordeaux and Jouy aux Arches / Metz the principal point where all action originated.

From leaps and bounds,the mariner is a true example of ideas perceived and given meaningful use in the global arena with its high quality brands gracing several global retail stores and its wide use in the swimming pool busines due to its strength and durability .It is thus one of the world beaters in the swimming pool service provision niche,the clients will be very glad to have acquired the grand machine at whatever cost.Though it is not the only swimming pool brand in German retail shops because of the nature of global market  trends.

Listing of Birthstones & Garnet Details

Listing of Birthstones & Garnet Details

In 16th century Poland, birthstones became very popular and most of the people had birthstone jewelries. They used to wear a different gem every month.  People nowadays have specific gem connected with the months of the year. Every person gets his or her birthstone according to the month in which that person took birth. It means you will have one which you will have to use the whole year. Now, let’s find out which stone is for which month. It starts with the garnet for January, the amethyst for February, the aquamarine for March, the diamonds are for April, the emerald for May, the pearl is for June, the ravishing ruby for July, the peridot is for August, the sumptuous sapphire for September, the opal for October, the topaz for November and the turquoise for December. Get the one which is set for you and who knows it can bring some good luck.

Garnet is the birthstone for a person who took birth in January. It is a legendary gemstone and its normal color is frequently very deep red however they can be found in a wide variety of color. Some people think that garnets are only red. In fact, it can also be found in blue, green, yellow and even brown. In ancient times, sparkling wine-red garnets were thought to be connected with blood. They believed that this gem stops blood loss and speeds up the healing process of wounds. Any person who loves gemstones will be attracted to this stone.

Birthstone ornaments make a special, elegant and reasonably priced gift with true emotion behind it. You know that your loving wife’s birthday is in January so just present her a Garnet ring, earring, bracelet, locket or any other jewelry on the next anniversary. You must choose one that touches that special person’s heart. When she gets it in hand and opens it her face should glow with joy and pure love for you. When she will find out about its magical myths she will be more affectionate to you as you gave her not just jewelry, you gave her a lucky charm.



Pool Cleaning Robots: The less expensive alternative?

Pool Cleaning Robots: The less expensive alternative?

How pool cleaning products are replacing human pool cleaners

Is it really worth it to hire expensive pool cleaners?  Are you willing to have a stranger come to your house or to be waiting for them to fit you in on a schedule?  Whether you would want an affordable pool cleaner, or just the best there is on the market, there is always a way to achieve a cleaner pool if you can invest in one of these robots.  Whether you have a problem with leaves, bugs, twigs and even pebbles, this is one of the many solutions you have to avoid the hassle, drop the net and start enjoying your life while having a pool.  Will you be able to watch them in action before you buy them?  Look up the demo’s and videos as well as reviews from auction websites or online stores.  You will find that the best way to shop is online, since you have opinions from many other pool owners as well as the manufacturers.  What is the difference between pool cleaning robots and pressure cleaners?  Pool cleaning robots are better at trapping whatever small thing is suspended or loose on the bottom of the pool, while pressure cleaners will definitely use more firepower to clean debris on the floor that needs some loosening and cleaning.  Pressure cleaners are better for areas in the pool where larger debris is collected.  There are many options that are child-friendly, often there are even some cleaners that come in special designs.  Cleaners that come with their own filtration bag extend the lifetime of these cleaners, which makes them a much better inversion.  For example, the Zodiac company brings you an alternative that will cost pennies a day and will do the work that you probably get tired of if you’re taking care of the pool by yourself.  The advantage?  Its Baracuda diaphragm technology allows for better suction, pressure as well as robotic cleaners, which you can compare by looking into their webpage.  You will need a separate booster pump for this type of pressure cleaner.  Looking into various websites, a pressure pool cleaner’s lowest price starts from $200 USD.


Above-ground pool cleaners vs the rest

What to expect from an affordable pool cleaning robot?

What should you be looking for when you’re looking for an above ground pool cleaner?  That depends on how clean you want your pool to be and what is acceptable as clean to you.  Looking at many reviews from various above ground pool cleaners, most seem to be designed as colorful and child friendly.  Most reviewers would agree that they would’ve wanted better cleaning for these robots.  Some even complain about having to change filters often or even having the wheels fall off the robot.  Others had better reviews and were priced cheaper than the less effective, more expensive cleaner.  Some were excellent in performance as well as cheap for as low as $155 USD.  What makes an above ground pool cleaner effective?  That depends on whether that cleaner uses wheels or gears that might need replacement.  The type of coverage to avoid missed corners around your pool will definitely make it easier to pick the right one.  The length of the hose compared to the length and depth of your pool is also a key factor.  The perk of almost every cleaner is that they will be automatic, therefore you will have no problem in putting them to work.  There is also the concern of power consumption versus manual cleaners.  Is it worth paying $30-80 USD for manual pool cleaning kit, or will you want to invest on an automatic alternative due to a tight time schedule?  If you have set-in debris in large amounts, it may be best to combine the manual and the above ground pool cleaners in order to extend the performance before the next filter change.  If you have a large amount of trees around your pool, it might not be advisable to let them clump up in your pool, therefore regular daily maintenance may be needed.  Installation time for these pool cleaners should not take more than a few minutes, therefore owning one of these should prove an advantage as long as they’re used appropriately.  There is also an issue with the amount of sound they make while they’re operating, yet it might not be as important as the performance they deliver.

Eco-Friendly Pool Cleaning Robots

Pool cleaning Robot Alternatives

Being eco-friendly is one of the many perks that we would all love to have when it comes to Pool Cleaning Skimmers.  Why are solar-powered robots considered appropriate?  No hoses, no power cords, no electrical bill surprises and less hassle in the end.  So what is the downside of having these eco-friendly robots?  First of all, they’re not really the robots to thoroughly clean leaves and shrubbery on the bottom to begin with, so if you want a quick maintenance before the family arrives this is the model you want.  This also won’t apply to people who already have set in dust and particles set-in on the bottom of the pool for lack of maintenance.  However, if you get constant sunshine most of the year and you are responsible enough to send the robot to do regular maintentance of your pool, then this is a great option.  What is so great about this robot is that the chlorine dispensers are spread uniformly around the pool area.  It also picks up whatever is floating on the surface of the pool, so any dust, bugs or leaves will be caught as they fall into the surface and not afterwards.  So what happens if you clean around the time when the shadows start to creep in to cover the pool?  The rechargeable batteries kick in and you will still get the pool clean and blue.  One of the pool cleaning skimmers we found states that the operating time can extend to the first few hours of the night, so if you need to work early the next morning, all you need to do is leave the skimmer on the surface of the pool so it can start cleaning once the sun hits the solar panels.  It is more reliable to have a robot do the work for you than to wait for the pool cleaners (or yourself) to come in and clean meticulously.  Prices for these robots range from about $400 to $500 USD, so it may be a bit pricey.  However, you can compare and calculate how much power do these other cleaning robots alternative consume on the electrical bill and see the savings pile up.


Why you should have a pool wall scrubber

Keeping pools brand new with wall scrubbers

How do you maintain a pool without noticing the waterlines, footprints on the steps, walls or the floor?  If you wish you had bought a smaller pool whenever you have to scrub your steps or the walls, then you definitely need a pool wall scrubber.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in your own pool or someone else’s, you always want to see them clear, blue and beautiful.  So how do you keep it clean without having to hire an expensive pool cleaner?  What you have to do is to get a wall scrubber robot, which can climb up and down underwater to keep them clear of waterlines or any debris that is set in.  If your pool gets really dirty with leaves and bugs, how big should the filter be?  Wall scrubbers are fit for any kind of dirty job on the pool, so the filters tend to have an extended capacity so that the job can be finished within hours of scrubbing.  How much power do these scrubbers use?  According to manufacturers the cost is about pennies a day, which makes it a perk despite the heavier price tag.  There are other cleaners who can use much more power than others, so make sure that you know consumption costs when comparing wall scrubbers.  How much does a pool scrubber weigh?  The scrubbers that are handy start at just about 10 pounds, which isn’t too big to handle for just one person.  Other scrubbers researched were about 18 pounds and had much better performance.   A wall scrubber is effective when you can scrub acorns, leaves, bugs and dust in large quantities, which is definitely a big factor to having a clean pool.  Having a wall scrubber prevents the large consumption of chemicals in the pool, so it is smarter and safer to maintain your pool with one of these robots.  Some robots don’t even use hoses from the pool’s filtration system, soless hassle and more savings equal reductions in your water bill as well.  Filters for these wall scrubbers can even prevent algae and bacteria from thriving in your pool.

Commercial Pool cleaning Robots

Need a robot cleaner for large pools?

Whenever you have pools from 75 feetup to 80 feet long, probably the last thing on your mind is buying a cleaning robot to maintain it.  However, there is a market of commercial pool cleaning robots available for these types of pools.  Will they work?  Some filters work from 4,800 to 12,000 gallons an hour to satisfy your cleanliness demands at any speed.  These robots seldom need maintenance, they were built to last and to perform appropriately.  The weight for one of these robots ranges at around 49 pounds, which is probably better to be carried between two people to set up in the pool.  What about the coverage of the pool and how long will it take for it to clean everything?  These commercial pool cleaning robots claim that the coverage of all the pool is 100%.  In order to find out how many hours it will take to clean your pool, you need a calculator and the knowledge that some of these robot cleaners can cover up to 12,500 square feet per hour.  If you divide the square feet of your pool by 12,500, you will have the number of hours it will take for it to clean your pool.  If you have an Olympic pool, the manufacturers state that it will be clean within the hour of operation.  The electrical cord length for these robots is 120 feet, so make sure to calculate how long and deep is your pool.  Price ranges for these robots can start at about $800 USD and can rise up to $4500 USD online, depending on how fast do you want it to perform.  Other robot cleaners even have wireless remote controls, so that you can start and stop the cleaning at any given time.  How many pool cleaners do you need to get your Olympic pool swim-ready within the hour?  You just need one robot that does the work for you as you carry on with your other daily tasks.  Make sure to have in mind that these robots are not wall scrubbers, for which you would need one to maintain a healthy pool without any waterlines. 

Pool Pressure Cleaners and how the work

The advantages of a pool pressure cleaner

Whenever you’re looking for the right pool cleaners, you have to have a list of specifications as to what you need for this pool cleaning item.  In this article there will be a brief description of Pool Pressure Cleaners.  For this type of pressure cleaner you either need a dedicated pump to carry the extra power to travel forward while using this pressure to keep the leaves, bugs, soot and dust inside your filter at all times.  This pressure cleaner will remove debris before it arrives at your filter or the pump basket, which is a great asset when you have problems regarding large amounts of dust or leaves.  Some of these pool pressure cleaners promise a clean pool within three hours of operation, depending on the size of the pool and the amount of debris you have.  Hose length is a key factor to these pool pressure cleaners, where too much hose will provide faulty operation from the pool pressure cleaner.  Too short of a hose length can limit the pool cleaner to a certain area.  One of the disadvantages is the lifetime of the valves that expel the water from the pool pressure cleaner.  Whenever you’re choosing a pool pressure cleaner, it is important to read on the coverage of the pool area.  Some of these cleaners tend to miss corners, which is something you will need to look after.  If you want cleaner walls on your pool, you would probably want to invest in a wall scrubber, since pressure cleaners work on the bottom of the pool and are not able to climb to ninety degree angles, which are the walls.  The advantage of a dedicated pump is that the cleaning will last longer as opposed to not having one.  A non-dedicated pump can lose efficiency easily once the filter starts clumping up with leaves.  Non-dedicated pumps, however are easier to install so if you want a quick setup and less expenses, buy a pool pressure cleaner that does not require a dedicated pump.  Some are able to climb over obstacles, such as water shoes or toys that have been left over at the bottom of the pool.

Automatic Suction-Side Pool cleaners: What you should know

Suction-side pool cleaner efficiency

These pool cleaners are essentially for the cleanliness for the pool floor.  Instead of moving through a pressure pump, these pool cleaners rely on vacuum power to suck water in, filter the debris and expel it to move throughout the pool.  However, these cleaners may also be able to scrub through the walls of the pool, therefore cutting brushing time while removing algae, dust and set in stains.  These types of cleaners are appropriate for gunite, fiberglass, vinyl and other surfaces specific to pools.  The electrical cord length for these pool cleaners remains at about 30 feet, which is perfect for regular household pools.  Another advantage for these cleaners is that they operate on fewer parts and simple mechanisms to manage a nice and clean pool floor.  These do not need any type of booster pumps, so you save money regarding price tag as well as operation.  The only downside to this type of pool cleaner is that whatever water the mechanism sucks in goes directly to the filter.  This could translate into a hassle whenever you have a leaf problem surrounding your pool and your filter clogs up.  If you’re still willing to take the challenge, it is recommended to buy an additional filter dedicated to raking up those leaves before they reach the suction-side pool cleaner.  Another option is to start netting up those leaves once the suction-side pool cleaner starts cleaning the bottom, to avoid a clogged filter and possible malfunction.  The models for suction-side pool cleaners come in an affordable price tag, either new or used on most auction websites.  The weight of these cleaners is much less than pool-cleaning robots, which can range for up to fifty pounds.  The amount of coverage for these pool cleaners is not 100% reliable, as it can miss a few corners of the pool.  Some suction side pool cleaners have a wall-climbing ability, which increases the cleanliness and coverage for a low price.  Prices range from $100 to $600 USD depending on the features and replaceable part prices.  Why settle for less when you can have cleanliness for a small investment?

Pool Cleaners for smaller pools

How to clean your spa without spending hundreds

If you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands on tools to clean up children’s pools or your spa, you would need a more affordable alternative.  If you’re searching for options on how to clean these types of pools without manually scrubbing them, you’ve found the right place.  You can easily look for a cleaning wand that can scrub the floor with the help of a few alkaline batteries.  Some of these have a built-in filter to catch dust and debris from the pool floor.  Most of these wands are very lightweight and manageable.  The clear advantage is that there are no cords, no external pumps, no water hoses, and no hassle to set it up and start vacuuming.  However, you should have in mind that these types of cleaners have smaller filters than robots and tend to clog up quite easily.  Maintenance netting of leaves, bugs and other interferences may be required in extreme cases where the pool is in the vicinity of trees, sand and accumulated dust.  For a little bit more money, you can buy one of these pool cleaners with rechargeable batteries, which implies less impact on the environment.  You can be sure that there are certain models that are able to rack up dust, algae and other types of debris, for a heavier price tag.  One of the most interesting reviews for these types of wands is the hassle to get the filter out and empty the leaves.  In fact, most of the best reviews do not come from the use of these wands, probably due to a large amount of debris present in the pool during cleaning.  These wands are probably meant for either daily or overnight cleanliness around the pool or spa, which is part of what a recent owner explains in one of the reviews.  These wands come in different lengths, so they can also be used on larger pools at greater depths.  Other reviews claim it is a great addition for a quick clean of your pool steps, so you may not need to spend as much if you clean your pool regularly. 

Maintaining your pool instead of buying a pool cleaner

DIY pool cleaners

Many factors come to mind whenever you want to trust yourself to maintain water cleanliness in your pool.  From algae and bacteria to debris and bugs, you must be able to deal with a routinely cleaning schedule to avoid health problems.  This ensures the safety of your family as well as the safety of the visitors you receive all year round.  You can always hire a professional worker to do the job for you, yet the purpose of this article is to guide you as far as the aspects of cleaning on your own versus automated pool cleaners.  A basic knowledge in chemistry will take you a long way, since water is kept clean with the use of chlorine as well as other chemicals.  The first aspect you should have in mind is the alkalinity of water as well as the pH.  The pH is a scale of 1 to 14 from acid to basic, where regular drinking water should have a pH of 7.  For pools, this pH can increase to 7.5.  If the pool does not fall in this pH value, steps should be taken to raise or drop the pH, whatever the case may be.  Water alkalinity should range from 80-140 parts per million or ppm.  Alkalinity refers to the water’s ability to neutralize acidic solutions.  As far as the swimming pool supplies go, you will need a swimming pool disinfectant such as chlorine or bromine.  These disinfectants eliminate pathogens or bacteria that thrive in aqueous environments.  You should also consider this when you want to get into the pool without showering beforehand.  You have to check the pool pumps and empty the filters on the sides regularly to keep most of the obvious contaminants out.  You can measure pH with some test strips or a pH scanner in a daily manner.  Soda ash and calcium bicarbonate are often used in pools to raise the pH in case the values are a little high.  Liquid muriatic acid is often used to lower the pH, if used accordingly and appropriately. 

Pool Cleaners that kids will love

Kiddie Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners can come in all shapes and sizes, with prices ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.  While some can prove to be affordable, they can prove to leave some spots unclean and some are a hassle to manage and maintain.  However, the presence of these cleaners can be scary to young children.  If you have young children around the pool, you would want them to enjoy the pool cleaner as much as they would love the pool.  So why not get a pool cleaner that actually cleans your pool really well and attracts the attention of all the kids around the pool?  There are various cleaners that clean from microscopic algae, debris and leaves to bugs and other stains that contribute to murky water.  They do not require any additional booster pumps and they are not as heavy as having a forty pound robot taking up a lot of space in the pool.  Above ground pool cleaners that come in various colorful designs are easily set up in about ten minutes.  Some of the designs that are on the market include whales, ladybugs as well as other cute styles.  Most of these cleaners come with an already programmed steering system that ensures most of your pool areas are well covered.  These pool cleaners have quiet operation, quick turns and improved water circulation.  Most have protection around their round designs in order to avoid collisions along walls.  This allows them to resume their cleaning without someone having to dislodge them from the walls or corners.  Reviews for these devices could be better when compared to robotic above-ground pool cleaners.  Some of them claim that missed corners and spots are possible by these cleaners.  However, the designs are much more kid-friendly than most robots found online and in store.  These designs tend to be bulky and not so attractive, although newer designs are showing to be sleek and curvy.  Their pricing ranges from $130 to about $200 USD, which is a reasonable price.  However, you may find a lower price since some of these models are discontinued.


Planning Guide for Christmas Parties

Most corporate capacities, festivities, gatherings and all the great time occasions are arranged (on most events) up to 12 months ahead of time. This implies that famous venues are getting grabbed up faster than you can say “jalapeno” (which are delightful btw).

Try not to misunderstand G & D events, there are times when leaving arranging a Christmas gathering to the spur of the moment works out. In some cases you can snatch a minute ago arrangements on spaces that haven’t sold (which is a gigantic win) however those spaces are normally not occupied out right on time on purpose. Along these lines, in case you’re arranging a gathering for more than 30 We’d suggest you begin looking and booking right about At this point.

1. Verify you source a venue that is anything but difficult to get too from your office area. No one preferences needing to go far and wide for their work Christmas party, actually it puts individuals off going to all together.

2. Make beyond any doubt the venue is anything but difficult to get too by open transport/taxi. Christmas party = boozey festivities and individuals aren’t going to need to drive. End of conversation.

3. Verify the venue can provide food for your numbers. You would prefer not to be squashed in however you likewise don’t need the venue to look vacant because of an excess of space. Get a venue that fits your numbers easily.

4. Verify your venue caters for EVERYONE’S dietary prerequisites. That implies guaranteeing you’ve asked Edna, Sway and Terry about their nourishment intolerances. Gluten free? No dairy? Veggie lover? You get the drill.

5. In case you’re utilizing a lodging dance hall or capacity space, verify they give you an arrangement on settlement spaces for individuals who may need to keep focused. Let’s be honest, there’s dependably that individual at the Christmas party who gets on the verge of excessively cheerful on the liquor and should be sent home. Along these lines you’re ready to send them to their convenience room.

6. Get a venue that has a complete bundle (per individual) or a base spend. This implies F&B are mulled over TOGETHER, not independently (which can demonstrate unreasonable).

In the event that you can get a venue that as of now has a topic, do it. It’ll spare you needing to make the space “look” great. In any case, if your venue is a clear canvas make sure to book a themeing supplier to come in and make it look better according to G & D events. Clear spaces NEED assistance for festivities and how the space looks can truly change the entire feel of the gathering.


Newest design high quality intelligent robot automatic pool cleaner

Newest design high quality intelligent robot automatic pool cleaner

The modern world has witnessed the upsurge of different models, shapes and even colors of automatic swimming pool cleaners, the latest brand being the newest design high quality intelligent robot automatic pool cleaner. With new features of pool liner scrub brush and a soft foam cleaning surface, the machine is made in uniquely bright color of pure yellow with some being blue and red  which  is an added advantage boosting its outward look.

With some of the most advanced controllable automatic functions the product is rated as a high affection product whose use is both in ground and above ground swimming pools. The appliance is said to be very efficient and an intelligent anti pool pollution  appliance and can achieve  a360 turn steering turn and is easy to navigate with a forward back and left turns .it is recommended for underwater regular cleaning.

Fitted with a remote control mechanism, the machine provides a comprehensive cleaning through a well built suction dirt mechanism and can help in detecting areas already cleaned to avoid repetitions. It is fed from a power source of 220v and can operate underwater at 24 volts. The machine is further enabled with a 40 meter cable which aids it navigation.

This new model which is mainly supplied by the water fairy stores does not have a sales warranty and its shipment is not covered by the seller. This has in most cases increase d the product cost. This has in turn made the machine mostly be used for commercial purposes.

Its ability to   clean up to 810 millimeters of pool surface is a sure sign of its performance. Though it appears to lack some characteristics exhibited by some of its counterparts, the machines use has been proven to leave the target pools looking sky blue with afresh feel for the owner’s enjoyment.

The machine is good based on the user specifications. Though the price is relatively high compared to others whose operation scope ranges within this machine’s. Most people may prefer it for its new form but it is prudent to compare before making any formal commitment of purchase.


Environmental Friendly Robotic Pool Cleaner

Environmental Friendly Robotic Pool Cleaner

Looking for an environmentally friendly robotic pool cleaner can sometimes be so stressful given the fact that most manufacturers do not specify the effects they have on the environment. That is not the case anymore with the introduction of one of the most environmentally friendly appliances in the market by the Xiamen fast cleaner company limited in china.

With the most advanced energy saving characteristics, the appliance is set to work using an automatic mode with a three part pronged approach, cleaning ,power console and a control panel. The cleaner is controlled by a computer program and is effective in thoroughly scrubbing the bottom of the pool as well as the walls. The filter system works continuously ensuring that no water is replaced at the end of the cleaning.

The method is a revolution in a sense that the pool cleaner is a saver of the physical labor and costs which accompany such in the long run it saves valuable water resources making it the current leading player in pool cleaning domain. With the ability to set the different cleaning schedules and a cleaning turnaround time of 80 to 100 minutes which is aided by a fully charged battery, the cleaner automatically and systematically wipes the side and the floor of the pool leaving it fresh and healthy.

Its powerful vacuum filtration system is efficient in detecting and removing leaves and all the particles that accrue inside the pool helping in improving the chemical structure of the water and determines the water circulation.

 All these attributes makes the machine suitable for use in commercial and domestic pool cleaning services. In addition, the product ultra weight is a great factor that aides its operations not to mention its favorable price which stands at around $250 from the manufacturer.

Based on the current economic situation the product is very suitable given its costs and the environmental sustainability approach. Though its quality in terms of durability is not very clear, it is a perfect match to all pool cleaning service needs. The buyer has the discretion to choose from the many other relevant products retailing in the market.



January Month Birthstone: Garnet

January Month Birthstone: Garnet

The person who born in January
just wear garnets, don’t worry
it will make sure dependability
real friendship and royalty.

Before knowing about January birthstone lets discuss about birthstones. In 6th century BC birthstones started their journey as special gemstones. Garnet is the birthstone for any person who took birth in January. It is a famous gemstone and its usual color is often very deep red but they can be found in a wide range of color. Some people have a tendency to think that garnets are only found in red. In fact, it can also be found in blue, green, yellow and even brown. In ancient times, sparkling wine-red garnets were thought to be connected with blood. They believed that this gem stops blood loss and speeds up the healing process of wounds. Any person who loves gemstones will be attracted to this stone.

Birthstones have its mark in all ancient sources such as Romans, Jews, Italian, Arabian, Poles and Russian. Some birthstones are expensive because they are very rare. According to the 12 months of English calendar, every birthstone is authorized to a month. So, there’s nothing to do about this because a person cannot change his / her birthstone as it is habitually connected with the month of the person’s birth. It means if a person took birth in January she will have Garnet as her birthstone. That person must put on Garnet not any other gemstone to get the magical advantages.

Birthstone ornaments make an exclusive, gorgeous and reasonably priced gift with true emotion behind it. You know that your loving wife’s birthday is in January so just present her a Garnet ring, earring, bracelet, locket or any other jewelry. You must choose one that touches that special person’s heart. When she gets it in hand and opens it her face should glow with joy and pure love for you. When she will find out about its magical myths she will be more affectionate to you as you gave her not just jewelry, you gave her a lucky charm. So, good luck with your birthstone jewelry.




March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine

March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. This lovely stone has been connected with clarity and focus for a long time. It is also used in many supernatural activities. For the coronation of Elizabeth the 1st in the 1500s, legendary astrologer, occultist, psychic and royal counselor Dr. John Dee made use of an aquamarine “crystal” ball to calculate the best date. Aquamarine has an alternative birthstone which is Bloodstone. The gem is transparent with pale-blue shade. The best varieties of this birthstone come from Brazil, Siberia, France and Scotland.

As a lucky charm, March’s aquamarine protects the joy of the other half. Most of the couples exchanged aquamarine jewelry as a sign of eternal love between people who love each other. You believe it or not March’s Birthstone makes its owner braver and can aware its wearer about the future danger by simply changing its color. Another myth says that aquamarine can help to relieve the ache of throat and teeth. So, a person can have all these possible benefits only by wearing one aquamarine stone.

Are you a March-born person and aquamarine is your birthstone? Then the day is yours when you put on yellow gold coated round aquamarine bracelet or any other jewelry. At daylight, out in the sun the sparkle of the polished stone will catch the eye of almost everyone and make them look at you. You will not get bored as everyone is admiring you and your taste. You are the star. I assure you, soon you’ll have company.

So if you want to have February birthstone jewelry then you can easily get one online. There are so many online jewelry providers available who provides 100% quality materials. There are so many designs of any jewelry you may want. There are amethyst earring, ring, bracelet, locket, necklace and other jewelry types waiting to amaze you and everyone who notices it. Don’t worry the jewelries are reasonably priced and some providers may offer free shipping. Don’t think too much. If the myth gets real any how this amethyst jewelry can bring you good luck and success in the way of life.