Management Target; from Service to Asset


The change of the hotel market environment and institutional environment requires managers not only to do the reception work well, but also to make efforts to expand market share resulting in more potential customers of hotel products.

Besides, they should handle hotel assets well (including tangible and intangible assets). To reach an even higher level, an excellent hotel manager must operate the hotel as a “product” which requires them to be familiar with hotel management theory and practice in conjunction with the modern market economy and enterprise operation system, and strive for market innovation and management innovation methods such as capital operations, brand development, marketing network building, and human resources development. They should make an effort to make the hotel they manage a public company in order to meet the maximum profit demand of the owners.

    Management Focus: From Tactics to Strategy

During the different stages of the tourism industry’s development and corporate growth, the focus of management changed. In the initial stage of growth, managers were recognized as qualified enough if only they could handle inside services and manage basic functions such as reception plan, quality control, finance plan, organizational incentives which compared with the long-term strategy of the corporation, belongs to tactical categories. But with the present rapid changes in the market and institutional environment, hotel managers must think about the problems beyond the present and beyond the hotel itself. Will the consumption pattern of the market change? Is the government industry’s policy good for my hotel? What is the development and market strategy of the alternative and complementary manufacturers? What is the development objective of my hotel in 2 years, 5 years or a longer period? What kind of resources will I need? Thoughts on and answers to the above problems will lead to the focus of Chinese hotel management changing from tactics to strategy. Management behavior at the tactical level is becoming more a common sense and routine, while strategic management behavior has become a watershed for “entrepreneurs” and “management workers.” Without this strategic level management, Guilin tour li river China’s SOHs might do well in the short time, but a long term and stable increase cannot be assured and the benign operation and increase of their human resources, marketing network system and such cannot be assured either.

Change of Industry Management Target

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